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Live HDF5 - Installation

0. Prerequisites

Live HDF5 1.2 works on 64-bit and 32-bit Windows versions of LabVIEW >= 15.0. It makes use of the VI Package Manager (VIPM) from JKI since LabVIEW 12.

Live HDF5 depends on a few other LabVIEW toolkits. These will be downloaded by VIPM.

If you have installed the h5labview toolkit it must be uninstalled prior to installing Live HDF5 due to several file name conflicts.

1. Download

Live HDF5 is available on the NI Tools Network. The easiest way to acquire it is with this vipm link which will take you to the latest version available on the NI Tools Network. Alternatively, you may download the package from UPVI's website here. Use this if you require a bleeding-edge release (when available) which are not released to LVTN.

2. Install using VIPM

If you downloaded the package from this site, after downloading the package file (.vip), you should be able to launch VIPM by double clicking on the file. If, for some reason, this fails to work on your system, manually launch VIPM. After the splash screen, select the version of LabVIEW for which you wish to install the toolkit. The toolkit may be installed to multiple versions of LabVIEW, but it must be installed one version at a time. Then, from the file menu select Open Package Files(s) and browse the the location where you downloaded the package file. VIPM will walk you through the process from there.